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Published by The Supreme Team on October 3, 2022

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Artist Name: Poppafromdanorf

Who are you?

I'm not only an artist but I'm a producer also so I'm always trying new sounds..
When you listen to my music it gives you an idea of me

Where are you from?

From Harlem NY šŸ“
Moved down south my young adult days
Definitely a culture shock when it comes to music.. but I have a mixture of growing up with wu tang playing in one ear and OutKast playing in the other

How can we follow you?

I'm on SoundCloud

Spotify open.spotify.com/artist/7rS2cwphOTPLO5P1Oly9do?si=Q1hAtwYoS0eX-uNCW4RQpQ&utm_source=copy-link

Song Title: Alright

Listen to Poppafromdanorf:

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