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Published by The Supreme Team on September 10, 2022

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Artist Name: 031.slxmey

Who are you?

Im a very social,diverse and versatile artist. I can do more than just one genre including Afropop.ect

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in durban
kwazulu-natal my whole life,there's alot of young talent making a buzz in durban including me

How can we follow you?

Listen to If_you_want_to_ft_blaqson by 031.Slxmey on #SoundCloud

Listen to F'IT Up(freestyle) by 031.Slxmey on #SoundCloud

Listen to 031_Shlxmey _out_da_way_prod.by.Blaqson&Siphomjitha by 031.Slxmey on #SoundCloud

Listen to 031SLXMEY_On Yo Block_ft_LOKSHIINBABYY by 031.Slxmey on #SoundCloud
soundcloud.com/user-406722411/031SLXMEY_On Yo_Block_ft_LOKSHIINBABYY

Song Title: 031SLXMEY_On_Yo_Block_ft_LOKSHIINBABYY

Listen to 031.slxmey:

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